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Bespoke Costume Creation

What to Expect from the Process:

A bespoke garment is an item that is custom made from scratch to fit your specific measurements. We begin by discussing style, period and fabrics and then we create the garmet based on the measurements that you provide to us.  


Before you send an e-mail to Malaprop Designs please read the following:


1.  How much will my bespoke construction cost?

  • Adult prices ranges are anywhere from $150 to $3,000 depending on the item, the fabric choices and the complexity.

  • Children's items are also bespoke and can range from $75 - 550.

  • We will provide an estimate based on your needs.

2. How Long will It take to construct?

  • I book projects up to 3 months in advance.

  • Each item is made to order, as it is to your specific measurements.  

  • Items can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the design and the complexity.

  • In general the more complicated a design and the more intricate the fabric requirements, the longer the item will take to construct.  Most fabrics take between 2 -3 weeks to obtain prior to construction can begin.

  • You must plan ahead to obtain an item for All Hallows Eve; I suggest contacting us as early as the previous April or May as our Summer Schedule fills up quickly.

  • If you cannot be fit into the schedule we will put you on a reserve waiting list.

  • Construction cannot begin until payment is received in full, as this is a bespoke item and cannot be returned.

3. Measurements:

  • We will email you with measurement requirements once you have contacted us and given us some of the details of your desired creation. 

  • Without measurements we cannot give you an accurate idea of whether your desired style will be appropriate to your frame and figure.

  • In order for your garment to fit properly, your measurements MUST be accurate. Please, do not augment your measurements.  


An example of Measurement requirements follows:



  1. Chest

  2. Waist

  3. Height

  4. Sleeve Length

  5. Inseam



  1. Bust   / Underbust

  2. Wrist

  3. Arm

  4. Waist

  5. Hip

  6. Height

  7. Shoulder to Shoulder

  8. Neck to Underbust


The process of making a custom ordered garment takes time and planning.

Contact us about your bespoke creation...

Fantastic! We will contact you soon to discuss your ideas!

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